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Businesses working to lower energy bills


QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) -- How do you save money on your energy bill? It can be a question that can save you money each month.

But for businesses it can make or break their bottom line.

"Our operating costs did that. We have been looking for ways to save money and keep our costs down." said Les McKenzie, Executive Director, QBTC.

Energy savings wasn't a choice, but a necessity for the Quincy Business and Technology Center. And something as simple as changing light bulbs has made a big difference.

"Lighting itself represented about 19-percent of our savings.The other 10 was utility rates." said McKenzie.

At Thursday's energy workshop at John Wood Community College, many business owners were looking to make similar savings, which for big businesses can add up to thousands of dollars each year.

"Move away from incandescent lighting to florescent lighting and LED lighting and more centrally heated and air conditioned units." said Donald Fournier, Managing Director SEDAC.

Although the Quincy Business and Technology Center has saved 30 percent in total on its energy bill, there is always more savings.

"They were talking about the A/C's and we are centrally heated so there are things that can be done in that area." said McKenzie.

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