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Bus rides too long?

One local family who lives ten-minutes away from school is wondering why it takes their son more than an hour to get there.

Now a young boys mother wants some answers and a solution to what she says is a problem.

WGEM'S Araceli Pedroza joins us with a personal look at the problem.

3-three year old, Jake Dowling was excited to start the first day of pre-school at Loraine Elementary.

He was ready to go with his book bag, new school clothes, and a big smile... that smile quickly changed to a frown, when he had to face the challenge of his first ride on the school bus.

Misty Dowling, his mother says, "It was hard, it makes me want to cry."

Dowling says she tried to console herself thinking, the bus ride wouldn't be too long.

The family lives less than 10-minutes away from the elementary school, but her son's ride to school ended up taking an hour and 15 minutes.

"It was hard to take him to school anyway cause he's three, we had to put him on the bus and we knew it was going to be an hour and 15 minutes... which was really hard because he is so little, the first day I did it but I couldn't do it after that its mean.  I think its unacceptable to have the kids on the bus for so long."

Misty has been driving her son to school everyday since with all her daycare kids in tow.

She says there are just too many things that concern her about the long ride.

"He's three and he normally rides in a car seat.  The kids can't stay awake, they fall asleep, and they might be sliding out of the seats, and other kids, eventually overtime are going to be bothering each other, because they are on there for so long, and little kids like to pinch and bite and hit so it can be a problem."

School officials say its just the nature of the beast.

Pre-K is funded separately than the K-12 grades, and requires separate grants.

And, the school district has to cover 220 miles.

Jim Sohn, Loraine Elementary School Principal, and Pre-K director says, "We do have some children that will be on the bus from 10:25 to right at 12:00 that is something that we share with the parents up front, that its great to be in our program, it would be awesome to be part of that program, however for the afternoon program some of those rides will be longer."

Sohn says there is a bus monitor that rides with the children.

Misty says her son won't be taking the bus again anytime soon.

But for those families who can't drive their kids to school, she hopes a policy will be enacted to restrict the time a child should be on a bus.


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