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Josh & Tyler's Top Ten

Top Ten Signs Thanksgiving Dinner Did Not Go As Planned


10. Those two dorks from Got Game showed up and threw pumpkin pie on the dog.

9. The turkey was undercooked, resulting in the 18-member family taking turns in the bathroom.

8. It was flat-out cancelled 'cause nothing should be more important than the 100th year of Blue Devil Basketball.

7. Football game was canceled for a dog show.

6. Your family waited around all day just to watch the Chiefs game, only to find out it was on the NFL Network and you didn't have satellite.

5. Parents went the cheap route: HELLO, TACO BELL!!!

4. Your grandpa decided to give a Bobby Knight-style lesson to your cousin.

3. You really thought the family would laugh when the stripper jumped out of the giant, inflatable turkey.

2. You had to eat oyster crackers and ketchup packets because Uncle LeRoy bet the farm on the Detroit Lions.

1. Your mother admits she's thankful for Pedro the Pool Boy during the annual "What you're thankful for session" at the table.

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