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Josh & Tyler's Top Ten

Top Ten Alternative Mascots for the University of Illinois

10. The Spears: Although this might not work either because it could be offensive to Native Americans, and pretty much everyone else, due to the recent antics of Brittney Spears.

9. The Fighting John Wilkes Booths: Instead of run-and-gun, he's more of a gun-and-run mascot.

8. The Slobbering DUIs: Jamar Smith and Rich McBride just run on the court.

7. The Illini Bluegills: It's the state fish and who better to represent the Blue Gills than former Illini star Kendal Gill painted blue.

6. Chief IlliniGeek: A nerd runs to center court and does the starting five's homework.

5. The Champagne Bubbles: It has to do with their hometown, the mascot could be some drunk lady with a New Year's kazoo.

4. The Runnin' Red Jaguanthers: They take advice from the high schools and just coop a bunch of things.

3. Prairie Fires: Free prairie fire shots can be handed out at halftime ... it's tequila with Tabasco sauce.

2. Chastity Rose, the stripper: But they must relocate to Springfield with offices at Deja Vu first.

1. George Custer: Or that too much of a polar opposite to anything Indian?

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