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Josh & Tyler's Top Ten

Top Ten NCAA Teams Not Making the Big Dance

10. The Harvard Crimson: They may have not made it, but they won the true Ivy League comeptition ... best GPA.

9. St. Peter's Peacocks: Let's just ssy they had a more important thing to do ... LIKE LETTING PEOPLE INTO HEAVEN.

8. Kansas State: They were so excited to get to the end of the year kegger at Coach Huggins' house they declined all invites.

7. The Winston-Salem Rams: With two cigarette companies as your school name, it's no surprise this out-of-shape team went 5-24 on the year.

6. The Stetson University Hatters: They were too busy making cologne and smelling like an old man to learn how to play basketball.

5. Delaware Fighting Blue Hens: The NCAA has ruled that the Blue Hens' nickname is racist toward hens of all colors.

4. The Cleveland State Vikings: Too caught up wondering if they were a city or a state.

3. East Tennessee State: Sorry, Duerr.

2. Mizzou Tigers: Don't think even some of ol' Quinn Synder's nose candy could have helped this year.

1. WIU Leathernecks: Nothing funny about it ... they lost to Eastern Illinois. They just suck.

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