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Josh & Tyler's Top Ten

Top Ten Athlete-Endorsed Fireworks

The show's producer, Broc Hampsmire, stepped in this week to fill the shoes of Tyler...

10. The SpreeWheel - As it shoots high, a dark pair of hands form an odd choking figure.

9. Landon Donovan Pop Rocks - Been around a long time, but never lived up to expectations.

8. The Wie Wie - Use it early in show, because doesn't compete well with big boys.

7. Jamie Moyer Candle - Balls shoot out a lot slower these days, but somehow keeps getting job done.

6. Kournikova Sparkler - Looks great but really does nothing.

5. Yao Rockets - Defects are common, so recommend not building a display around them.

4. Burress Bomb - No matter where it's aimed, still finds an appendage.

3. Big Z/Bradley Bombs - Guaranteed to explode, just never know when or where.

2. The Connell Crippler - No matches needed as all one has to do is yell for it to light.

1. Tomlinson Fountain - Starts out like a dream, but in the end just leaves one wanting for more.

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