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Josh & Tyler's Top Ten

Top Ten Athletes Most Like Patrick Swayze

10. Carlos Zambrano ... he might as well been a ghost this season.

9. Jerry Rice ... did you see him on Dancing with the Stars? Almost identical.

8. Evander Holyfield ... Swayze was in Roadhouse, while Holyfield has no house.

7. Shaq ... their acting skills were very similar.

6. Ron Artest ... they have the same amount of downloads for their hit single on iTunes.

5. Brett Favre had the Jets ... Swayze had Black Dog.

4. Jay Cutler ... 'nobody puts baby in a corner,' they just start him at quarterback.

3. Steve Nash ... floppy hair drives women mad in U.S. and Canada.

2. Dennis Rodman ... To Wong Fu is the Worm's favorite cross-dressing movie.

1. Tony Romo ... odd fact is they both shave their legs.

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