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Josh & Tyler's Top Ten

Top Ten Blunders for the CBS Super Bowl Broadcast

10) The Who cancels performance citing: It's too late and they're not allowed to drive at night.

9) LL Cool J enters the broadcast booth and forgets which CSI show he's actually on.

8) Jim Nantz let's a curse word slip. "What the Shaub?"

7) Mike Vanderjagt as pregame host.

6) Carrie Underwood pulls a Janet Jackson during the national anthem. Please let that happen, please let that happen.

5) Phil Simms states Reggie Bush was "slicing through the defense like O.J. Simpson."

4) Accidental cutaway shows Dwight Freeny river dancing to Pinball Wizard.

3) The naked guy from Survivor runs to 50-yard-line and asks Peyton if he can be his center.

2) Game winning touchdown interrupted by commercial.

1) The entire game was sponsored by Toyota.

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