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Top Ten Signs Your Gus Macker Team Will Not Win the Championship

10) Couldn't afford jerseys so you shaved numbers into your back hair.

9) Forgot your shoes and must wear wife's flip flops.

8) Best player skipped a game to watch the Full House marathon.

7) Your big guy is 5 foot 9 with four knee braces and one eye.

6) Couldn't find your court. Honestly what the hell does "Red2Q" even mean?

5) Don "I Never Pass the Ball" O'Brien is the captain.

4) Team shows up rocking Reebok Pumps, sporting see-through, cut-off jerseys, and smelling like B.O.

3) Stumble out of O'Griff's onto the court two hours and 10 beers after last game.

2) The Gus Buster tells you before Game 1 that your team is a lock for the sportsmanship award.

1) You're from Missouri -- Quincy people always pay off the 'Busters.

*** No. 4 was submitted via Facebook Challenge by Leah P.

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