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Top Ten Ways Quincy Tried To Lure LeBron

10) To make him feel more at home, Ohio native Ryan Wichman will be his chauffeur.

9) Now called the LeBron-Douglas Debate.

8) City will pay for his nail-biting habit.

7) Forget being in Carmelo Anthony's wedding. How about best man for Matt Schuckman this October?

6) VIP booth at The Green Parrot.

5) Having city's most famous beard means Rich Cain and Chuck Scholz must shave.

4) Gets to throw out first pitch at Gems game. Sorry, Ben Marth.

3) Ability to use credit card or check at The Green Parrot.

2) Was named this year's Blue Devil mascot.

1) All sandwiches at Maid Rite are "extra wet" on the house

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