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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Signs Fantasy Football Rules Your Life

10) League championship trophy sits on mantle in front of father-in-law's urn.

9) It's listed as lone reason for "Cause of divorce."

8) Gave a kidney to your league's commissioner and not your sister.

7) You're a cutter every time the backup running back for the 49ers scores.

6) Asked by pastor to remove team off weekly prayer list.

5) Answer all questions at work with: Doubtful, Questionable, Probable, or just NA.

4) Let your wife go on the Bret Michaels bus if she'd accept a trade for Peyton Manning.

3) Made sure your girlfriend paid her league fees before fooling around.

2) Take Ex-Lax two days prior so nothing disrupts your Sunday.

1) Moving out of your parents' basement is no longer a goal.

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