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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Signs Your Homecoming Isn't Going Well

10) You're the lone alum at the dance.

9) Saw on Twitter that Don O'Brien is the honorary Grand Marshall of the parade.

8) Your daughter gave birth to twins right as she was named queen.

7) Facebook had it as a "Coming Out Party," which led to a way different parade.

6) Thought it would be cool to create your own king crown from cardboard with sparkles.

5) The parade float from the teachers union is a giant middle finger.

4) Third-chair clarinet choked on her reed, ruining the Marilyn Manson halftime show.

3) The guidance councilor invited his date -- a student from another school.

2) The football team ate the woodshop teacher's "special" brownies prior to game.

1) One of the Green Parrot girls slipped off the goal post and broke her hip.

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