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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Side Bets for the QND-Illini West Game

10) Amount of late hits in the first five minutes.

9) Times PA Announcer asks crowd to squeeze together so more people can sit.

8) "He's just a great coach," quotes from Unruh and Connell aimed at each other.
7) Number of times "He's definitely a DI athlete" is used by parents and fans.

6) Hot dogs eaten by QND Super fan Mike Barton.

5) Times someone says, "Is this the line for the bathroom?"

4) Pork chops eaten by Ben Marth while roaming the sideline.

3) Times Ben Marth is hit in the head with a football while roaming the sideline.

2) Times a fan states, "There's no shot they'd beat the good ol' Blueboys!"

1) Hours ahead of time Eric Ervin is sitting alone in press box wearing just his headset.

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