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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Things to Never Say at a Wedding

In honor of WGEM SportsCenter co-host and Herald-Whig sports writer Matt Schuckman getting hitched this weekend...

10) "Is that the same ring you gave your ex-wife?"

9) "Don't open the wedding gift around the parents, if you know what I mean?"

8) "You look just like Roseanne Bar."

7) "If this is the Dollar Dance, I expect some skin, baby."

6) "Don't mind the keg in the front. I can still drive the limo."

5) "If I know your daughter, white is the last color she should be wearing."

4) "You wanna see the Brett Favre-style pictures I just took in the bathroom?"

3) "Now during the lighting of the unity candle I will be signing 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua."

2) "Yea, Schuck. I'm gonna need you to work desk tonight."

1) "I do."

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