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Top Ten Items Not Flying Off The Shelves Of Local Stores During Black Friday

10) Funky Cold Gravina -- The autobiography of Quincy University women's basketball coach, who talks about life as a Division I tennis coach and his time as a Midget.

9) The Mascot Game: Home edition -- A true party game, you and your friends can try to figure out what the mascot should be for places like Mount Joy, Iowa.

8) Get a Body on Merve -- Kind of like an NBA Jam for area basketball teams. But if you don't get a body on Merve, he dominates like no one else. Guest commentary by Matt Lorch and Don Jeffries.

7) My Sims: Culver-Stockton College athletics -- It's up to you to get the school's athletic department turned around. Warning: The game could take years to finish.

6) University of Hannibal T-shirts and hoodies -- Instead, the inventory will be shipped to a third-world country to replace all of the Chicago Cubs 2003 World Series champion T-shirts.

5) John Wood piles -- Green and yellow tinted wood with the John Wood Community College seal burned in them isn't exactly flying off the shelves and into area fireplaces.

4) Stand Up and Jeer: A look at the 2010 Quincy University football team.

3) Dismember the Titans -- This straight-to-DVD movie release covers the rise and fall of the West Hancock girls basketball program, complete with the behind-the-scenes workings of the firing of coach Ken Schuster.

2) Jim Unruh's "Champaign-Urbana" -- The Illini West football coach makes like Zagat and tells you the best places to eat on Thanksgiving weekend in the twin cities.

1) Connell '11 -- A takeoff of the wildly popular Madden video games that are patterned after the Quincy Notre Dame football coach. There's a slight flaw as teams seem to get stuck in the quarterfinals of the playoffs when you play season mode.

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