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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Signs the Bears will not win on Sunday

10) Afraid to fumble, Devin Hester fair catches every thing. Even passes from Cutler.

9) Urlacher late scratch. Thought Mike Singletary was a better choice at MLB.

8) Lovie Smith seen stuffing six red challenge flags into his socks.

7) Tommie Harris is too distraught over finding out his Zodiac sign changed to Aries.

6) Flipped coin on which Seattle QB to scout and Dave Krieg beat out Matt Hasselbeck.

5) Brett Favre tells Jay Cutler, "just go wing it and have fun."

4) Mike Martz is tinkering with the triple option.

3) They realized Friday while on a bus in Denver the game isn't in Seattle.

2) Breaking the season-long ritual, Paris Hilton is busy and will not give one-on-one pregame speeches.

1) Ryne Sandberg, Ernie Banks, Sammy Sosa, and Fergie Jenkins all conduct opening coin toss.

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