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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Excuses For Not Reaching The Super Bowl


10) Can't miss the Pro Bowl.

9) The kids built an awesome snow fort back in Green Bay. "They must protect this house!"

8) Couldn't miss "No Strings Attached" opening weekend starring the greatest actor alive, Ashton Kutcher.

7) Always preferred playing in the Just Above Good Bowl over the Super Bowl.

6) Majority of Bears teammates are staunch Republicans and didn't want Obama in attendance.

5) Dallas is not a family-friendly town. Look out, Branson!

4) You can't expect me to play on Sunday after getting accustomed to two weeks in a row on a Saturday.

3) A Super Bowl ring is just too gaudy and heavy looking on your hand.

2) The center was prematurely celebrating a victory in Tijuana. Wait...

1) Big Ben's bachelor party.

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