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Tri-States Original: Red Dome Inn


PITTSFIELD, Ill. (WGEM) -- It's not hard to find someone who's been to the Red Dome Inn in Pittsfield. The restaurant has a reputation for drawing people in from all over the United States.

Everyday Grace Ogle and her husband come in to the Red Dome Inn.

They sit at the same table, order the same meal and have never thought twice about going anywhere else for lunch.

"Because its good, the food's good, they treat you nice, we like it," Ogle said.

It's customers like Grace that have kept the Red Dome Inn going for 37 years. The restaurant has moved three different times since it opened in 1973 and with each move the customers moved with them.

"We try to be friendly, friendly service, good service, good food, it just brings people back," Red Dome co-founder Karen Goodwin said.

But behind these friendly faces the staff here is hiding a lot of pain. Tragedy has recently struck the business when Karen's husband and co-owner of the restaurant Bill passed away last November from cancer.

"It's very hard, it's very hard for the customers, for the employees its very hard without him here," Joan Moffit, Red Dome Inn office manager, said. "He was the head, he was the Red Dome in the front. It's very hard without him here."

"Bill and I did this together, so it was kind of a hand and hand operation, I ran the back and he ran the front," Karen said.

After spending nearly four decades helping make the Red Dome Inn what it is today, the customers and staff say the restaurant just isn't the same without Bill.

For Karen, its time to get out of the restaurant business all together and hand it over to someone else.

"I've been asked what I'm going to do and I said anything I want. I have a son in Colorado, I'd like to go out and see him and my grandchildren out there. I have two little girls here in Illinois and a son and daughter in law," Karen said.

But, before Karen begins that new stage in her life, she'll be at the restaurant just a bit longer, helping the new owner begin the next chapter of the Red Dome Inn.

The Red Dome Inn is also one of the only places in Pittsfield with a wide variety of fine wines to choose from, an addition made back in 1995.

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