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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Causes For The Cubs Dugout Fight

10) Which has the bigger butt -- Kim Kardashian or Geovany Soto.

9) If it really is Todd Wellemeyer at the end of the bench or not.

8) Who wins custody battle over the fat kid from Two and a Half Men.

7) Carlos Silva claimed to be more Spainishy.

6) One too many games of "tuck" in the shower.

5) Ramirez broke the honor code with Silva's wife.

4) Ninety-two percent of the team bet the under on Carlos Pena finishing with a .200 average.

3) Tyler Colvin said Silva looks a little like Colonel Gaddafi.

2) If it was going to be Miss Tease's or The Lean Ferret following the game.

1) Couldn't figure out how to divvy up the blue pills Lou Pinella left in clubhouse.

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