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Tri-State Original: Winking's Market


QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM)-- In the 1940s, there were more than 100 neighborhood grocery stores just within the Quincy area.

Most of those shops are now just a memory, but one of those corner markets is not only surviving, it's actually thriving.

"As it's been said once before, it's kind of like a step back in time," said Frank Winking, owner of Winking's Market.

Since opening its doors in 1948, not a whole lot has changed here at Winking's Market in Quincy.

"I think its nostalgia that keeps it going too. People like the idea of being able to come to an old style store," Winking said.

For Winking, keeping things the same wasn't hard, not after watching his father and original owner of the store do it for decades.

"My dad was tirelessly dedicated to this place and when he came here with my aunt, I think it was his long hours, 7 days a week, 12 hour days and just the dedication he had that kept people aware how much it meant to him," Winking said.

But that doesn't mean this quaint store at the corner of 4th and Maiden Lane didn't adapt to the changing times.

"The lunch business is just kind of something that evolved out of necessity, it kind of started way back in the 70s," Winking said.

The idea was simple, a meat and cheese sandwich that could be ready in a minute or so. And it's continuing to pick up popularity.

"It became our mainstay really. It kind of carried us through the loss of the neighborhood because so many of the houses and the neighbors moved away," Winking said.

For a corner market that used to just cater to nearby neighbors, it's now drawing people from all over Quincy.

And Winking says their customers almost always tell him the same message.

"People tell us don't change a thing and I think they really like the way it is."

Winking says he's hoping to see a good boost in sales again in the near future as soon as residents move into the Franklin Square Apartment Complex.

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