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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Alternatives to Shooting off Fireworks

10) Watch the 22 hours of Saved by the Bell you recently DVR'd.
9) Solve budget crisis by dividing debt ceiling by military spending subtracting healthcare. I have no clue.
8) Dress in Greenman and streak the Soldiers and Sailors Home.
7) Use cassette/VHS tapes as clay pigeons for a classic trap shoot.
6) Stare at a lit cigarette for an hour.
5) Buy gunpowder, a pipe, and some wicks off the Internet.
4) Eat an entire tub of pork and beans with a pound of sausage and just wait it out.
3) Have a spoiled food eating contest. First to pukes loses.
2) Place bet on which one explodes first -- Dolly Parton's chest or Kim Kardashian's butt.
1) Volunteer to take complaint calls at Ameren.
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