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Tri-State Original: Clark 54 Drive-In Movie Theater

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Summer Hill, IL (WGEM) -- Drive-in movie theaters may be soon be a thing of the past, but one tri-state drive-in shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon.

The Clark 54 Drive-in sits just off of Highway 54 near Summer Hill, Illinois regularly draws customers from as far as 50 miles away with its weekend double features and low prices.

The owner says his goal for the theater is to re-create the feeling he had as a child growing up watching the most popular movies from the seat of a car.

"I grew up going to drive-ins and that was part of my inspiration. I knew most of the ones I went to were gone, there used to be more than 4,000 and now there's less than 400 left in the country," Mike Glass, Clark 54 Drive-in Owner, said.

Coming up tonight on WGEM News at Ten, see what makes this movie going experience unique and why people are willing to drive from different cities just to see a movie.

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