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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Signs Homecoming Didn't Go As Planned

10) The game was on the road.

9) They invited the class of 1910, only to realize they've been dead for years.

8) The Green Parrot Alumni Association (or GPAA) performed at Halftime.

7) Your date ditched you for the backup punter.

6) The "salute to the troops" was the cheerleaders reenacting the bin Laden assassination.

5) Nobody seemed to notice you went from Larry to Sheri.

4) Your parade float oddly resembled Don O'Brien's head. It won Biggest Float Award.

3) The Alumni Dance was attended by you and Butch the Janitor.

2) The to-be queen gave birth to twins before being crowned.

1) Somebody forgot the footballs.

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