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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Predictions for the 2011 MLB Postseason

10) Tony La Russa dedicates series win to his animals.

9) Some soon-to-air TBS show starring a mid-level star will drive you nuts on the bottom of the screen.

8) C.C. Sabathia eats Justin Verlander.

7) Tim McCarver keeps calling the D-Backs, the D-Bags.

6) Craig Sager's bright pink suit gets him beat up outside ... well, every stadium. 

5) Josh Hamilton gets another tattoo.

4) Similar to his perfect game, David Wells does at least one TBS broadcast hammered.

3) Ozzie Guillen sets new Twitter record for profanity when Rays claim to be only team in Florida.

2) Arthur Rhodes' wheelchair doesn't make it through security at Citizens Bank Park.

1) Dan McLaughlin gives himself a champagne shower after Game 1.

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