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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Things That Lured Theo Epstein To The Cubs

Every Friday, WGEM SportsCenter host Josh Houchins brings you a new Top Ten...

10) Dropkick Murphys allowed to sing 7th Inning Stretch in all 81 home games.

9) The sweet fragrance of dead fish floating by the shore of Lake Michigan takes your breath away.

8) A lot of fertilizer available for his at-home ivy.

7) Bought stock in Old Style beer and need some kind of return.

6) Hates Neil Diamond. Damn that "Sweet Caroline!"

5) Allowed to sport Harry Carey's glasses and Ron Santo's toupee during first press conference.

4) Chance to work on his tan in that mild Midwest heat in August.

3) Always been motivated and encouraged by the charity work done by Carlos Zambrano.

2) Easier transition into politics by being a governor in Illinois.

1) Unlike Boston where you may get shot for losing, lose with the Cubs and Wrigleyville just buys you a shot.

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