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Tri-State Original: Earth's Heartbeat


CLARKSVILLE, Mo. (WGEM)-- You could say the subject of this Tri-State Original marches to the beat of her own drum.

DiAnne Smith is an artist in Clarksville, Missouri who paints Native American artwork on drums she sells in her shop.

But for many people, it's the artwork that gets their attention, but there's something else that keeps their interest.

"I've never taken any classes or lessons or anything in art," Smith said. 

But, it's never stopped her from painting what she feels in her heart.

"I do everything wrong, I use the wrong brushes and my real artist friends tell me I pollute the palette." 

But as Smith paints her 475th drum, she says she's learned at least one thing in her years.

"It's not about the drums you paint, its about the messages that come through you."

Smith is the owner of Earth's Heartbeat in Clarksville, Missouri, a store that's devoted to her artwork that's inspired by her own heritage.

She's Iroquois by descent, and uses art from Native American tribes throughout the country in her own projects.

"When I paint a drum, even though I have a picture, maybe I'll mix it with more than just one picture from that same tribe. But when I'm done I wait for whatever the story is and the story's come through me."

And Smith says it's those stories that make the strongest connections with people.

"I think who we are and what we are lives in us and it speaks to us whether anyone else speaks to us or not.

And we're taught not to listen to those voices but we really need to."

As she puts the finishing touches on her latest drum, Smith says she doesn't quite know what its story is yet, but she does know it'll have a special meaning for someone.

Aside from drums, Smith does bead work and other Native American crafts and built a dream catcher out of caribou, deer and elk antlers that sits in her front window.

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