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Tri-State Original: Underbrink's Bakery


QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM)-- There may be plenty of ways to feed a sweet tooth in the tri-states, but no one does it quite like one Quincy store.

Underbrink's Bakery has been in business since 1928 and at one time was on the edge of closing, until a man who grew up in the neighborhood decided to buy the bakery.

"I grew up and went to St. Francis and remember coming over here after mass and got the little rolls. So I had a lot of fond memories at Underbrink's," said Owner LeRoy Rossmiller.

But Rossmiller never thought he would be the one filling up these cases everyday.

It wasn't until he saw that the bakery was for sale that he decided to try his own luck with the rolling pin.

"It took a few years to get it going again. It had kind of swooned. But I've been here for 20 years now so it kind of fits," Rossmiller said. 

Over the years, Rossmiller has perfected his products, but nothing has been as popular as the angel food cupcakes.

The bakery makes between 500-600 a day.

And Rossmiller says some people drive out of their way just to visit the bakery.

"When someone will come over here for $1.50, drive off of Broadway for one of your products, that's a feel good type of thing," Rossmiller said. 

And while LeRoy is baking the goods, his wife and co-owner Janet is handling the customers.

"This is a good business to own because it's pleasurable. Everyone likes what we have so they come in and everyone is friendly and we have a great time," Janet said. 

And sometimes, it's the younger customers who have the most fun.

Neighborhood kids sometimes get to try their hands at baking and while its too early to tell, they could be the ones to continue on the Underbrink's name.

Underbrink's Bakery is located at 1627 College Avenue and is open Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3 pm and on Saturdays from 7:30 to noon.

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