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Tri-State Original: Close Quarters Firearms Concepts

NEW LONDON, Mo. (WGEM)-- You've been to the classes, got a permit to carry a concealed weapon, but if someone is threatening your life, how prepared are you?

One Missouri man says you may not be as protected as you think.

"The statistics are three seconds, these use of force scenarios occur very fast, very ugly."

David Ray is the owner of Close Quarters Firearms Concepts, a program that offers advanced training with firearms, self-defense, and what to do if the unthinkable should happen.

"Avoidance, awareness, escape from the problem, that's always the first choice, always. But if it comes down to it, our philosophy of self-defense with a weapon is successfully defending yourself against a use of force," Ray said. 

Since opening in 2007, Ray says the business has been immensely popular.

Sarah Evans is one of the more recent graduates who wanted to better understand her weapon in case she ever had to use it.

"Just having the gun on you and not knowing how to take care of it properly could result in something worse," Evans said. 

And its not just her firearm Evans is interested in, she's also taking part in a women's self-defense class Ray has started.

"We are learning all kinds of maneuvers if you were ever in a situation where you needed to use them. Different punches and kicks and blows," Evans said. 

Ray says his philosophy is all about hands on education, whether its with fists, or a weapon.

And the more involved his students are, Ray says the more they'll remember in case they ever need it.

Close Quarters Firearms operates at the Ka-Tonka firing range near New London, Missouri while the women's self defense classes are taught at a dance studio in Vandalia.

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