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Tri-States Originals: Crawdad's Classic Hot Sauce


(WGEM) -- You've probably seen this Tri-State Original dozens of times in restaurants and grocery stores, but never thought twice about where it came from.

Crawdad's Classics is a brand of hot sauces and seasonings headquartered in Camp Point, Illinois.

And while the products are popping up in more and more places, you may be surprised where they'll be showing up next.

If you walk into almost any grocery store or restaurant in Quincy, it's likely a bottle of Crawdad's Classic Hot Sauce isn't too far away.

"When we first started we had one account," Josh Klitz, VP of Sales for Crawdad's Classic, said."And as to date I think we're at 600. So it's really jumped up a lot."

It's enough to keep Klitz plenty busy these days.

"Today we're setting up an independent display, a shipper here at Hy-Vee on Broadway," Klitz said.

Since 1995, the Crawdad's Classsics brand based right out of Camp Point, Illinois, has been busy building a name for itself. More flavors and products have joined the brand and have grown throughout the tri-states.

"We go to the restaurants direct, we go to the food service industry. Our goal in our marketing strategy is to get on the pallet of the consumer," Klitz said.

It's a strategy that seems to be working. Last year was a particularly good year for Crawdads and even picked up an endorsement from St. Louis Cardinals announcer Mike Shannon.

"We are in Busch Stadium with our jalapeno hot sauce, we're also in the Bridgeston Arena in Nashville and so we're really starting to get into those sports arenas," Klitz said. "We're continuing to grow, what we want to do is try and create a niche in the market and I think we found a niche in the sports service side of the industry."

As for the future of Crawdad's Lung says the sky is the limit to one day be sold throughout the U.S. and abroad.

An idea that's started from just one simple bottle of hot sauce.

The name Crawdad's comes from the inventor of the hot sauce ,Cordell Bixler, because as a boy he was known for fishing for crawdads in ditches and creeks of the Missouri bootheel.

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