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Josh & Tyler's Top Ten

Top Ten Sports Resolutions for 2012

Just like the good ol' days, Tyler Tomlinson joined WGEM SportsCenter host Josh Houchins to create a new Top Ten.

10) Culver-Stockton AD Greg McVey will not be forced to make a new hire.

9) The Quincy School District resolves to allow Tebowing as an alternate option to the Pledge of Allegiance.

8) Every athlete vows to stay clear of Kim Kardashian.

7) Charlie Sheen vows that his winning attitude will land him a star role in Major League 5: Venezuelan Vacation.

6) No more special gifts for the ladies courtesy of Derek Jeter.

5) NCAA will not allow mascots to handle trophies. Thanks, Truman.

4) Theo Epstein will spend more money on drunken trips to the rooftops instead of terrible free agents.

3) Athletes and owners vow to once again make their lockouts last longer than a Kardashian marriage.

2) In order to gain an upper hand, C-SC soccer coach Tyler Tomlinson seeks daily soccer tips from Hooch.

1) The WGEM SC crew resolves to be kinder and more loving to each other ... starting in 2013.

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