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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Ways Tim Tebow Makes Your Life Better

10) You appreciate your mom so much more. Your dad's a whole different story.

9) Became a millionaire off the What Would Tebow Do wrist bans.

8) Get an hour of you life back not having to watch a Tebow-laden SportsCenter.

7) Watching the Broncos makes up for missing church every Sunday.

6) Ability to catch up on your sleep until the fourth quarter.

5) No sex means no herp. Thanks, Tim!

4) He teaches you Bible verses just by his passing stats.

3) Used to take hours to pick out underwear. Now, straight to the Jockeys.

2) Eye black at the office has really kept the headaches away.

1) Your goal of being an NFL quarterback, yet not being able to throw, is still alive.

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