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Easy kitchen updates under $100

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By Roberta Pescow

If your kitchen is sorely in need of a facelift and your budget is next to nothing, don't be discouraged. Your kitchen can get a whole new look for under $100.

Your kitchen table is the central focus and heart of your kitchen, a place for sharing delicious meals and warm conversations with family and friends. Improving the look of your table will give your entire kitchen a lift. Spruce up your kitchen table with some of these easy upgrades:

Paint/refinish: Make an old table look like new by sanding it down and refinishing the wood, or painting it to complement your kitchen color scheme. You may even want to add a stencil pattern or painted design.

New tablecloth: An even easier way to improve the look of an old worn table is to simply throw a pretty new tablecloth over it. Since kitchen tables see heavy use and spills, stain-resistant, washable tablecloths or those that are easily wiped clean are the most practical choices.

Place Settings: Define each place setting with attractive, easy-clean cloth, plastic or woven placemats, colorful new napkins, and bright new dishes.

Centerpiece: Fresh cut flowers in a vase, a flowering plant, or a decorative candleholder add color and grace to your kitchen table.

Inviting Chairs

Worn chairs look like new again when you paint them or refinish the wood. You can detail seat backs with stencil designs or painted designs to match your tabletop if you like.

If you'd like to make your chairs more attractive without taking on a big project, new chair pads or cushions are another inexpensive way to brighten up old seating. Another option is to buy pretty chair covers that are stain resistant and washable.

Finding four to six brand new chairs for under $100 is a challenge, however, it isn't impossible. Thrift shops and yard sales sometimes offer well-made furniture for almost nothing.

A New Look For Old Cabinets

Cabinetry is a dominant feature in most kitchens, drawing the eye from almost anywhere in the room. Dingy old cabinets really bring a kitchen down, and replacing them is expensive and disruptive. To give your kitchen cabinets an affordable face-lift you may want to:

Paint: Brighten and refresh your cabinets with paint that matches your color scheme. Painting your entire cabinets is time consuming. For an easier project, you may only want to paint only the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Refinish: Sand down your worn cabinets and apply new stain and topcoat. By changing the color of the stain, you can make your cabinets look like they were made from an entirely different type of wood.

Cabinet and drawer pulls: The easiest way to update the look of your cabinets is to replace your cabinet and drawer pulls. In as little as an hour or two, your cabinets will have stylish accents of shine or color. Choose clear or colorful plastics, themed designs, classic wood or the clean look of metal.

Walls, Windows and Floors

Walls, windows and floors provide the frame for your kitchen design and help establish the style of your room. Here are a few ways to improve your kitchen's frame on a budget:

Artwork: A few framed paintings or prints add life and energy to the space. If you have children, the kitchen is a great space to hang their creations. Most kids have an innate sense of color and composition, making their artwork balanced and appealing.

Backsplash: Create an attractive backsplash for your stove or sink area with affordable ceramic or mirrored tiles.

Paint or wallpaper: Change or refresh your wall color in a day or two with fresh new paint or wallpaper.

Rugs: While finding a whole new floor on this budget is unlikely, pretty throw rugs bring a new look to your existing floor. To keep the area clean, consider stain-resistant or washable rugs.

Shelving: Mount attractive shelves of wood, metal, glass or plastic and to display homey or decorative items.

Window treatments: Bring color, pattern and texture to your kitchen with new curtains, blinds or shades.

Other Accessories and Appliances

Enhance the color, pattern and novelty of your kitchen with some nice little extras. Some accessories and appliances you can add to your kitchen on a budget include:

Dish drain rack

Decorative teapot

Colorful hand and dish towels

Canisters for dry food items

Cookie jar

Appliances such as a small microwave, juicer, blender or coffee maker

Potted plants or fresh flowers

Refrigerator magnets

A Lot of Style for a Small Budget

You don't need a big budget, lots of time and a contractor to create a beautiful kitchen. Imagination and good taste go a long way in a kitchen upgrade and you'll be pleasantly surprised how you can improve your kitchen design with only $100.

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