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Macomb city officials set sights on fixing city streets


MACOMB, Ill. (WGEM) -- As Macomb city officials plan out next year's budget, $23 million worth of street repairs are looming over the city.

Nearly a year after voters passed a half cent sales tax increase, city officials say they're ready to put that money to use.

"What we tried to assure folks in the community is we understand that the need is great, you're particular street won't be forgotten, it just may not be as timely as you would hope," said Macomb Mayor Mike Inman.

That's the message Inman wants city residents to know when it comes to repairing the ctiy's streets. And even with a half cent sales tax increase passed a year ago, the work is still going to take some time.

"We're planning on taking in about $1.8 million in sales tax revenue designed for infrastructure projects and with that $23 million in deferred work waiting there, it won't take long for us to use that pretty quickly," Mayor Inman said.

City officials also say they're looking for ways to lower the costs of road repairs and are considering a repair method known as Cold in Place Recycling, where the existing road is milled down and combined with new material to revitalize the road.

"It should be more cost effective, should allow more with less money or the amount of money that we do have," Inman said.

For some residents, the repairs can't come soon enough, especially when they have to drive on the rough roads daily.

"It's really bumpy and it feels like I'm going on train tracks all the way through," said Macomb resident Daloria Artis.

And drivers hope the city can fix the roads before they have to fix their cars.

"I know my car, its been through a lot and these roads aren't making it any better," Artis said.

City officials are still deciding which roads to repair first, but hope to at least start work on the streets by this Spring.

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