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Hooch's Top Ten

TOP TEN Signs You Hired The Wrong Coach

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10) Wants a smoke break -- for the players.

9) At the first practice he says, "Huh, that play looked a lot different on Madden."

8) He has a mustache.

7) Has personal contract stating must drink a beer during the press conference.

6) Her accomplishments on the resume includes "Kangaroo Wrangler."

5) Demands being paid in $1 bills stuffed in a box full of glitter.

4) Constantly gives pre-game motivational quotes from the hit NBC show Smash.

3) Sits in the dugout stroking a hairless cat wearing a pinky ring.

2) Must go shirts and skins while even watching game film.

1) He coaches women volleyball ... and wears the same tight shorts they do.

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