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Hooch's Top Ten

TOP TEN Signs The NFL Draft Has Taken Over Your Life

10) Built own Radio City Music Hall stage in the living room. Wife built Wrigley Field replica in backyard. She still wins.
9) You personally call the last pick, Mr. Irrelevant, and inform him he really isn't irrelevant.
8) Named one dog, Kiper, and the other, McShay. The latter's female.

7) You hug the TV screen each time and say, "Thanks, Mr. Commissioner."

6) Create the Draft Gruden Drinking Game: Take a shot every time Jon Gruden likes a team's pick.

5) You reserve a sleeping spot on the couch knowing the wife will send you there anyway.

4) Force your wife to take first aid classes and is locked and loaded with the defibulaters.

3) Starting in December you start growing your hair out and dying it black ... just like Mel Kiper, Jr.

2) Have more papers in your bedroom than when you listened to Pink Floyd back in the day.

1) Been known to fake a kidney surgery just to prepare all week for the action.
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