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Hooch's Top Ten

TOP TEN Floats Not Making The Dogwood Parade Cut

10) "We Are Family" float with Bill Connell and Rick Little waving in a truck bed.

9) The Hot Dog Man waltzing down the street throwing steaming hot dogs, yelling "Wieners!"

8) The PCFK ... or The Palmyra Coalition for Free Kangaroos.

7) DOB and his Hat Size Eight therapy group.

6) The Averagers weren't quite as popular, or talented, as The Avengers.

5) Some thought the gold-encrusted float from the Quincy Public Schools was a tad too much.

4) QND female seniors just wanted to put every state title on a wagon by themselves.

3) The salute to Pablo Miguel Quincy -- the real founder of the city.

2) The Green Parrot's "Girls of the Gravel Roads."

1) Move over Les Sachs. Lets get a float for next year's Grand Marshall -- Quincy Super Fan, Mike Barton!

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