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Tri-State Original: Original Recipes


(WGEM)-- Has anyone ever told you that you have to eat at a certain restaurant and try a certain dish?

In a place like the Tri-States there's hundreds of those stories, from foods to drinks all the way to deserts.

In this edition of Tri-State Originals, we went to some of the places we heard the best stories about and showing you what unique foods are right here in the area.

Our first stop in putting together a truly Tri-States meal starts with something simple enough, pizza.

At Fitz's on Fourth in Quincy, they have a version that gets the same reaction time and time again.

"The nose gets crinkled up and they get kind of this funny look and then they try it and the eyebrows go up and say oh gosh, this is really good," said Owner Vickie Fitzsimmons. 

It's called Potato Pizza and owners say its basically all the ingredients of a baked potato spread out on pizza dough.

It actually almost didn't make their menu, but put it out there on a whim.

"I think we sell more of those then any other pizza that we have," said Owner Jeff Fitzsimmons.

After all that pizza you're probably going to need something to wash it all down with.

And for that, we go to the Mark Twain Dinette in Hannibal, where their most popular item doesn't come on a plate, but in a glass.

"I wouldn't even venture to guess how many gallons of root beet we've put out over the years," said Owner John Bogue.

And Bogue says people come from far and wide just to get a taste, further than you may think.

"I'm talking about people from California, the Orient, and Europe that come because someone recommended us to them. It makes you feel great. It really does," Bogue said.

So what's so special about the root beer? Bogue says the recipe is fairly standard, but they do have one secret ingredient.  And if you want to know what it is, it's going to cost you.

"The restaurant is for sale and if you buy the restaurant you get the recipe for the root beer," Bogue said.

So now you've gotten something to eat and something to drink, what about desert??? For that we go to an ice cream shop in Quincy where you've got to see it to believe it.

"It's the world's only science fiction and monster themed ice cream shop," said Ice Scream Owner Patrick Taylor.

A collection 35 years in the making.  From action figures to memorabilia, even the flavors are named after specific movie references.

"I'd be very impressed if not flabbergasted if someone got all the movie references," Taylor said.

 But don't let all the movie monsters scare you away, Taylor says the ice cream itself is to die for.

"Once they get past the exterior and taste the ice cream, they're like wow, this is the best you're going to find in town," Taylor said.

And there you have it, all of the courses necessary to make a meal that can only be found here in the Tri-States.

If you've got some of your own "gotta try it to believe it" stories, we would love to hear them.  Let us know by commenting on the story or going to our Facebook page.

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