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Hooch's Top Ten

Top Ten Ways To Waste Your Three-Day Weekend...

10) Start that Macker beard -- hello, peach fuzz!!

9) Finally finish that Web site dedicated to ex-QU football coach, Bill Terlisner -- "Barney's Quotes: Bleep Your Coach Says."

8) Study how to bake a cake, yet never actually bake a cake.

7) Travel to The Corn Crib in Normal to watch the QND girls soccer at the state tourney.

6) Cuss the IHSA for putting the girls soccer state tourney in Naperville, not Normal.

5) Learn how to play golf. Surely the courses aren't that busy.

4) Put cold-hard cash down on every Toilet Bowl Game at Gus Macker.

3) Try and buy a TV in Bigneck. Or is it Big Neck?

2) Put flowers on the graves of your grandparents despite each still being alive.

1) Go sit in front of your friend at work who doesn't get a three-day weekend and just stare.

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