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Economy putting a strain on Quincy's Little People's Golf Tournament


QUINCY, IL (WGEM) -- The Little People's Golf Tournament has been around for 39 years, bringing junior golfers from around the world to Quincy. This year numbers have dropped in compared to years past. 

The tournament's Executive Director Nan Ryan says there are 318 golfers signed up for the Pepsi Titan Little People's Golf Championships. That's down from more than 900 golfers in 2000.

Ryan says since 2000 the number of junior golfers in the country has gone down by roughly one million. At the same time the number of tournaments available for kids has gone up.

Ryan says many kids have had to stop playing because of the down economy and more families are also choosing tournaments closer to home.

"I know we'll never get up to 900 again. It would be fun to get up to 400. Be nice to get back up to 400. But again it's just the three things: less golfers, more tournaments and the economy," said Ryan.

Ryan tells WGEM that the tournament was struggling financially, so much so that she didn't even know if it would happen this year. Titan International joined on as a major sponsor along Pepsi making the tournament possible this year.

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