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Hannibal Cannibal proves to be even tougher in the extreme heat

HANNIBAL, Mo. (WGEM) -- It's a race that promises to "eat you up" and Saturday it proved to be a challenge.

Richard Blalock ran in the Hannibal Cannibal along with more than 1,700 others. He said the heat played a factor in the run.

"We came back from the turnaround at mile three going up the hill the second time and I walked it quite a bit. My heart rate was really high," said Blalock.

He's not alone, Dana Frese and other runners say this is the hottest it's been when running in the event.

"But today was more humid and that made a big difference. Anytime it's 80 degrees and humid, it's very difficult on runners," said Frese.

"I didn't get to jog as much as I wanted to because I've been practicing on my treadmill but being out in the heat is a lot different," said Shannon Frederick. 

The heat caused the foundation to take precautionary measures.

"We made sure this year to have about a ton of ice here, literally. We made sure last night our water stations were going ahead and icing down there water and had extra bags for first aid here," said Angie Wilcoxson, Co-Director of the race.

The heat didn't stop Blalock from completing the race, and neither did his age, or even a prosthetic leg.

"But I knew with an amputation I could run again and I'm very active and we love doing this race," said Blalock. 

He's attended the Hannibal Cannibal every year since 1995 and has aspirations beyond the run.

"I was told before my first operation that I would not run again and now I'm going to do the Boston Marathon," said Blalock. 

Blalock and so many others had one thing on their mind when running this race, finishing.

There were no reported incidents of runners Needing medical attention due to the heat during Saturday's run.

The Hannibal Cannibal raised more than $30,000 for the Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation.

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