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Construction underway to help traffic near Quincy Senior High


QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) -- Have you noticed a little congestion on Maine Street near Quincy Senior High School?

It's part of a project to help alleviate traffic congestion during the school year. The construction is part of a state grant project called Safe Routes to School.

The project includes new sidewalks, driveways and a right hand turn lane into the school parking lot.

"We're going to change the configuration of the street. It is going to be two traffic lanes and a center lane to make it safer for motorists," Quincy City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp said. "We are also going to improve the intersection at 33rd and Maine Street with a new traffic signal to the south. That will make traffic going in and out of the senior high that much safer."

Crews are a little more than half way done and it estimated to cost $700,000. Steinkamp says the goal is to make the area safer near the school.

"It's safer for pedestrians and motorists who are near school and that and there has been some concern with a lot pedestrian traffic with the students and motorist traffic. The idea is that we come here and we're looking to make it a safer place for the motorists as well as pedestrians and the students," Steinkamp said.

The project is set to finish in August before school starts.

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