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Summer months mean increase in poison control calls

(WGEM) -- Officials are advising to keep a close eye on bottles laying around the house.

The Illinois Poison Center says every summer, it sees a 20 percent increase in calls compared to the winter.

Health officials say the warmer temperatures bring summer vacations and families spending more time outside.

That means kids are more likely to be exposed to dangerous chemicals in things like bug spray and sunscreen.

"What we need to be more watchful for is ingestions and over-exposure when it comes to these chemicals. A large part of it is watching how your children interact with these and educating your children on how to use these products carefully," Kaitlyn Strycker, a Physician Assistant, said.

The Illinois Poison Control Center say it receives 20,000 more calls in the summer. You can click here for more information and how to treat poisoning.

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