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Day Care Centers Brace for the Flu


The CDC reports that the flu season is off to an early and aggressive start. In Illinois, one hundred fifty people have already been hospitalized in the intensive care unit for the illness.

So - how do you keep your kids safe from the flu? Or, perhaps more importantly, how is your child's school or day care keeping your kids safe from the flu?

Walter Hammond Day Care Director Lisa Sams says that their building already went through a bout of sickness - several of their kids and some of their teachers got sick. She says they clean and disinfect toys once or sometimes two times a day, and they also clean surfaces like door knobs and table tops. They also are being very proactive about the kids washing their hands - before or after they eat, after bathroom breaks, and after sneezing. And there's hand sanitizer at the ready.

WGEM News also spoke to some parents, who say they are proactive about keeping their kids home when they are sick, and hope others do the same. 

"The one thing I would be concerned with would be other parents not keeping their kids home when they are sick after you've done everything you can to keep your kids well," said one mother.

Another parent said she noticed her son picking up good behaviors and bringing them home. 

"They've got the ABC wash hands - and he comes home and he did that."

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