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Lifelong Support: St. Louis Cardinals give back to local Veterans


QUINCY, IL (WGEM) -- Sometimes the most overlooked aspect in people is the willingness to do more than they have to.

On Saturday before the Cardinals Caravan made it's way to the bright lights in front of hundreds at John Wood Community College, they made a much bigger impact on a much smaller group of fans at the Quincy Veterans Home.

"It's one of those things that's going to change your heart, and kind of make you feel guilty for the things we take for granted," Cardinals pitcher Trevor Rosenthal told WGEM Sports.

"It was good for us to get to go there and give back to the guys that are big Cardinals fans and repay them for what they've contributed to this country."

Going to Busch Stadium is a privilege for any fan of St. Louis Cardinal baseball, and even more so when you realize that not every lifelong fan of Red Bird Nation has the physical ability to make that happen.

This weekend, the men who served our country residing at the Quincy Veterans Home had a larger than life gift delivered to their doorstep.

"I feel really good coming here, because they take their time out to see us and we take our time out to see them," said Veteran and Cardinal fan Frank Pell.

"It's just wonderful," added Veteran Lyle Pool.

"We're out here in the country watching it on the tube. If they make an error, we see it three or four times, and if they make a wonderful play, we see it three or four times too."

While seeing Americas Past time becomes harder to see in person for many Veterans, the memories from the past remain clear.

"When they won that World Series it was a real fine deal to me," Pool expressed.

"They were so far behind and they won the whole thing. That really stands out."

"You've got Mike Shannon, who's the announces," Frank Pell added.

"I turn the television down, so I can listen to Mike Shannon talk, because he's Mr. Baseball."

Perhaps Lyle Pool summed up the feeling of Cardinals baseball the best.

"I don't know, it just sticks in your mind. It's just a wonderful game."

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