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JWCC Officials and Students React after Texas College Shooting


Police officers at John Wood Community College say they are ready in case there would ever be an active shooter on campus. Tuesday afternoon officials in the Houston area say a shooter wounded three people on a college campus.

Chief of Police Bill LaTour says They have several officers patrolling the halls and the parking lot, and an officer is always the first one to arrive in the morning, and the last to leave and lock up. He says the officers also go through yearly training on how to react to a shooter. 

"The police department actually has equipment called simmunition which is like paintball rounds and we actually have the event play out ," he says.

He also says they're working on educating students and staff on how to protect themselves. He says - if it's possible - they should try to get out of the building - but if not, he recommends making the room as inconspicuous as possible. 

"They're going to bypass doors that are locked, rooms that are dark, and those kinds of things to look for more potential victims," he says.

WGEM spoke with John Wood Community College students who say - they feel very safe.

"Never really felt insecure or bad - and I see the security guards around quite a bit and you just kind of - you know - keeping a watchful eye," said freshman Andrew Marshall.

"I feel like they are prepared and they would know what to do," said sophomore Brittany Postle.


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