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The dangers of shoveling snow


Many of us were out shoveling the fresh layers of snow Tuesday, but do you know the risks that can come with the common winter task?

Doctors say shoveling can greatly increase your risk of heart attack, especially with this heavy, wet snow.

The cold weather can also constrict blood vessels, leading to higher blood pressure.

Doctors say they see more cardiac events with the physical strain of shoveling and not just in the elderly.

"The real issue is how much you're doing and how good of health you're in. And the reality is it's an activity that nobody spends a lot of time in this region doing because we only do it once or a few times a year," said Dr. Irving Schwartz, a Cardiologist at Blessing Physician Services.

Dr. Schwartz says you should take frequent breaks so you don't over exert yourself.

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