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Highland High School switches to 8 class per day schedule


Do your kids often complain that they're bored in class?

Officials at one tri-state school say they know students are having a hard time focusing, and now there's a push to change that.

Highland High School is switching back to the standard 8 classes a day schedule next school year.

Like many schools in the area, students at Highland have four classes a day for 90 minutes that they alternate every other day.

High school Principal Alan Koch says these lengthy classes just aren't working, and that's why they're switching back to the way it used to be where classes are only 46 minutes long.

Sitting in math class for 90 minutes can be a daunting task for some students.

And Kendra Scifres a math teacher at Highland High school says she sees bored students all too often.

"It's too much information at once, and then we don't see them for two days and then we're going back over it again," said Scifres.

And it's a problem Scifres has faith will be fixed when the school switches to eight 46 minute long classes next year.

"I think seeing them every day next year will benefit them so much more in their retention and trying to remember information," said Scifres.

Highland Principal Alan Koch says the switch will not only keep student's mind's on task in the classroom..

But it will help solve another problem in the hallway.

"Since this is a 7-12th grade building, there have been concerns about junior high kids in the hallway with high school kids, and that's a big concern as an administrator, so what this will allow us is the possibility to do is run a two bell system," said Koch.

Meaning younger students will no longer cross paths with older students in the hallways.

Both teachers and administrators say the switch to the standard 8 class schedule will be a good thing.

But maybe the opinion that matters most belongs to the students.

"I think it will give the teachers a better opportunity with their students, since we'll see them everyday and I think it will help the students remember the material better," said Emily Kaylor. 

"The day will go by so much faster there's not going to be sitting around waiting for the teacher to instruct you next, there's not going to be anymore of that waiting to do your homework, it will go by and go by quick," said Zachary Abell.

Principal Koch says the extended schedule will also allow the school to add more classes... like a 7th grade Agriculture class as well as a Response to Intervention class, which will be used to help students who fall behind.


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