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Vatterott job fair offers over 130 jobs to tri-state residents


While there may be signs that the economy is looking up, many people in the tri-states are still without a job.

To help those looking for work, Vatterott hosted a job fair Wednesday at the Quincy Mall with more than 130 jobs available.

Applicants young and old were looking for work at Wednesday's job fair, for many, it's been a long struggle.

The hallways of the Quincy Mall were packed with tri-state residents looking for a job. One of those browsing through the 27 perspective employers was Phil Nichols.

Nichols was born with spina bifida and says being confined to a wheelchair has limited his options.

"It's not like I can reach things up real high or whatever, I have to be able to physically get around. It's been a real struggle to find a job," said Nichols.

But Nichols says his wheelchair isn't what's holding him back, it's his lack of work experience.

"It's like I've tried to explain to them, somebody has to hire me first to be able to get the work experience and when they require that, they won't even look at you really," said Nichols.

That's exactly why officials with the job fair brought in employers that would look at job seekers like Nichols.

"They are looking to hire that was one of the things I made sure of was people who are coming weren't selling anything, they are actually trying to find jobs for people," said Sara Jones, the Director of Career Services at Vatterott.

Jones has advice for job seekers like Nichols looking to seal the deal.

"Start letting people know what you're going to be doing, and find a way to volunteer in your area of interest. Some trades may be a little bit more difficult than others. Just start volunteering and that counts toward work history," said Jones.

And like many that turned up for Wednesday's job fair, Nichols is just hoping he'll land the perfect job, and soon.

"I just want to find a full time job and be able to afford things on my own," said Nichols.

Jones says if you're still looking for a job, electrical and HVAC jobs are really popular right now.

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