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For The Kids: Pirate Family Foundation succeeds again


HANNIBAL, Mo. (WGEM) -- On Saturday night Hannibal High School hosted the third annual Pirate Family Foundation Dinner and Auction, an event that was started in memory of Hannibal alum Colin Krigbaum who passed away in a car accident back in 2008

On Sunday, the foundation chairman Blane Mundle was happy to tell WGEM Sports that Saturday was a big success.

This year, Mundle and the Foundation teamed up with the Hannibal Cavemen who brought Hall of Fame NFL tight end Dave Casper to the event, which helped raise a large portion of money toward their goal.

Cavemen general manager John Civitate says nights like this are by far the biggest impact his organization can have on the community.

"Being in a small community this lets everybody know that we are trying," Civitate expressed.

"We want to do everything that we can. These connections that we have, not just myself, but the owners, we have a lot of things we can bring to the community, and this is going to continue to be better and better."

The Pirate Family Foundation chairman Blane Mundle says all the money raised will have a huge impact on all of the youth charities they support throughout Hannibal.

"Our foundation helps with buddy packs, we help feed kids, we have a helping hands fund," Mundle told WGEM Sports.

"We just help in a lot of different ways for the children of our community and it's just been a blessing for everybody."

As of now, most of the money raised at Saturday nights event has been totaled, adding up to over twelve thousand dollars, but Mundle says it's all said and done, the total may even exceed the goal of fifteen thousand dollars.

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