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Plans are underway for street overhaul project in Fort Madison


Ask most people in Fort Madison and they'll tell you the streets are a mess.

Now, the city has earmarked $6 million for its biggest overhaul project in a decade.

One block of Avenue J in Fort Madison is covered in pot holes and bumps, and residents like Loyd Forquer say he can't remember a time when the road wasn't in bad shape.

"As long as I can remember," said Forquer. 

And Forquer says he goes out of his way just to avoid the mess that sits outside his home.

"I use the alley and then go down a little better street," said Forquer.

City manager Byron Smith says this stretch of Avenue J is among many streets in town that need repairs.

"There's quite a bit of need for street improvements," said Smith.

The first initial steps of the $6 million street improvement project was approved by the city council Tuesday night, and Smith says it will get the ball rolling on repairing aging streets.

"This is a way for us to get a jump start on making a number of those street improvements," said Smith.

Smith says some of the city's main streets like 15th, 24th and 48th are some of the big targets for the project.

"We'll be able to get funding probably mid-summer and we would move forward with designing and getting some of those projects going on," said Smith.

Forquer says he hopes to see work start soon because he is not happy with his street.

"It's pretty deteriorated. It needs work on it. I'll say that," said Forquer.

A public meeting on the improvement plan is set for May 21st.

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